The 3rd pre- event of the upcoming hackathon, TechTrix, was held today at New Summit College, Shantinagar, New Baneshwor. Design and UX was the center of discussion as there was the presence of some exquisite panelists in front of a good audience. Mr. Aayush Shrestha, Full Stack Developer and UX Engineer at Keela, first gave a keynote presentation on “Design and UX” itself and the second session involved a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Aditya Sapkota, Operations Incharge at Technovative Solutions which included Mr. Amit Bajracharya, Co-Founder of Namaste Kathmandu, Mr. Mani Kapali, Co-Founder of Stupa Technology and Mr. Aayush Shrestha.


Mr. Aayush Shrestha responding to a question in the Panel Discussion

Emotions in Design: The relevancy

In his keynote presentation, Mr. Aayush talked about how design is a common sense rather than being creativity. Having stated “UI can be great but UX can be terrible”, he went on to say that creating not just useful but also usable products should be of utmost priority for any designer and that UX is a less technical and more emotional concept. Pointing the four feel good factors of UX; Utility, Usability, Desirability and Brand Experience which directly affect the levels of human emotions; Reflective, Behavioral and Visceral, Mr. Aayush stressed that one must look at what manipulates their emotion first before trying to manipulate the emotions of people through good UI/UX design. After talking about the three steps in UX design; Research, Strategize and Design, he ended his keynote by saying that iterating and improving is the way to go in any UX design.


Panel Discussion on Design and UX

The panel discussion in the next session involved discussions, Q&A’s and interactions with the audience on various topics including the opportunities and underlying issues in the field of UI/UX design. On being asked what the effects of color psychology have in a good UX design and how to make them more accessible, especially for visually impaired people, Mr. Aayush responded by saying that colors can manipulate emotional responses and that it is important to think about the accessibility from the start. He also pointed out the fact that most people don’t even know that blind people use websites too. When asked how a designer can cope and evolve himself with the evolving technology, Mr. Mani answered that working on mobile devices with the smallest screen should be the first task where core information should be shown and if it doesn’t miss anything important, one should go on with adding extra materials on devices with larger screens. Next, it was Mr. Amit’s turn to chip in with an advice that people should engage, be active and ask questions no matter how stupid they are, to the design community if they want any help to further their careers in design.


Hugely engaging and lively, today’s event surely was a successful one as participants got to learn new and exciting things in the field of UX design from the humble and talented panelists. SITS Nepal promises to come up with more exciting events like this in the days to come. Stay tuned with Technovatives, the digital partner for ‘TechTrix’ for more details.