Yet another Saturday and another TechTrix Event. After a week’s hiatus due to the occasion of New Year 2075, TechTrix made its return this Saturday with a two days event on WordPress. The first day was all about presentation and discussions that mainly focused on the future of web with the popular and widely used platform. At first a keynote presentation was given by Mr. Suvash Khadka, WordPress Enthusiast at WordPress Nepal before the event moved towards a panel discussion involving Senior Theme Reviewers and Moderators, Mr. Biplav Subedi and Mr. Utsav Singh Rathour and Certified WordPress Expert and CEO of Rigorous Web, Mr. Surendra Shrestha. The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Madan Panthi, President at SITS Nepal.

A workshop on WordPress Theme Development followed the next day, was conducted by Mr. Biplav and Mr. Madan with a good number of participants.

Do You Believe?

Mr. Suvash Khadka giving a keynote Presentation

Mr. Suvash, in his presentation, talked about how WordPress is everywhere as the most popular CMS and the well known fact that the maximum number of websites present in the web are created with WordPress. He emphasized that WordPress is what it is due to its community and one should not only take but should give back to the community as well. With some songs also making their way in between the slides, it was both enlightening and a fun session. Mr. Suvash concluded his session by asking the question “Do you now believe in WordPress or not?”, to which most of the audience members replied a “Yes”.

Panel Discussion on the Future of Web

A hugely engaging session, the panel discussion started its course when Mr. Madan came up with the question everybody familiar with the web is eager to know, “Why is WordPress so popular?”. Mr. Surendra was the first to answer by saying that people contribute globally from their own level, it is not just popular because it is easy to use but also due to the community behind it. With the increase of use, the development has also increased, making it more popular over the years, pointed Mr. Biplav to the very same question. Finally it was Mr. Utsav’s turn to speak, who then added that WordPress being open source, there is contribution from the community in every aspect, making it the major force in WordPress development. When a member from the audience raised a question about the future of WordPress and its sustainability over the next four/five years, Mr. Biplav responded by saying that every field is dynamic and the only path forward is up. He continued that WordPress was written off many times before but kept on adapting to become what it is today and will do so in the future with new changes and innovations in technology.

It was the moderator’s turn next to ask to the panelists about their views on the current hot topic about WordPress, Gutenberg, and what its effects might be on the community and users. Mr. Biplav took the first opportunity to answer by saying that it is a positive update but there is still no guarantee if it will make it’s way into WordPress due to the difference of opinions among the community members itself. Stating the various features of Gutenberg like quick loading and drag and options due to its implementation on React, Mr. Surendra also seemed to be very welcoming of the idea. Talking about its effects, Mr. Biplav stated that Gutenberg looks good, however as it is a big update, developers must be prepared to adopt and be able to support previous versions compatibilities before it arrives. Finally each of the panelists gave their suggestions to those who are just starting out in WordPress by saying that reading documentations is a good step forward and one should make a habit of reading different blogs to gain more insights on the platform and how to make a career out of it.

Theme Development Workshop

The next day on Sunday a workshop on WordPress Theme Development was organized on the very seminar hall of New Summit College, Shantinagar. Mr. Biplav and Mr. Madan from the previous day were present as the trainers as they guided the participants on developing a WordPress theme from scratch. The participation was good and each member was checked if they had been successful on implementing what the trainers where showing. The participants were helped by the trainers as they went from desk to desk if the participants would get stuck at any point.

Another great event, “Future of Web with WordPress”, definitely lived up to its name as various topics in WordPress were covered. With Gutenberg set to arrive, the future was also taken a look at with the active participation of both the panelists and the audience. The workshop was also successful as the participants got to learn the basics of theme development and move a foot forward towards becoming a WordPress Developer. As always, SITS Nepal assures everyone that many more exciting and insightful events are to come before the mega event in June. Stay tuned with Technovatives, the digital partner for ‘TechTrix’ for more details.