We are having 7 Pre-events in 7 weekends till TechTrix-2018. We will be having presentations, Talk shows, Panel discussions and Workshops from industry experts.



New Summit College

Pre-Event I-Career in SEO

With Youman Maharjan and Chetraj Bhandari

On 24th March, the first pre-event program of “TechTrix” was held under the title “Career in SEO- An interactive look at the world of SEO”. The huge mass of SEO enthusiasts  attended the panel discussion in order to gain some valuable insights on their potential career choice. The keynote speakers were Mr Youman Maharjan (BIA at Agile IT Solutions)  and SEO Expert at Nepal Republic Media, Mr Chet Raj Bhandari.


2018/03/31 - 2018/04/01

New Summit College

Pre-Event II-Getting Started with AI & Data

With Kshitz Rimal, Nabin Poudel and AI Dev Nepal

The 2nd event on “Getting Started with AI & Data” was held at New Summit College, Shantinagar, New Baneshwor for two days. With the core focus on Artificial Intelligence and data manipulation using AI, the event  was conducted on 31st and 32nd of March. Mr. Kshitiz Rimal, Co-Founder of Artificial Intelligence for Development and Mr. Nabin Poudel, Lecturer at Western Regional Campus were the keynote speakers for the first day as they gave some fine presentations on the subject matter of AI and data. They were also the members of the panel discussion moderated by Mr. Aditya Sapkota, Operations Incharge at Technovative Solutions, delving deeper into the matter at hand. An extended workshop session on “Machine Learning 101” was organized the very next day as the participants were trained by some professional mentors from  AIDevNepal.



New Summit College

Pre-Event III – Getting started with Design & UX

With Mani Kapali, Aayush Shrestha and Amit Bajracharya

The 3rd pre- event of the upcoming hackathon, TechTrix, was held on 7th April at New Summit College, Shantinagar, New Baneshwor. Design and UX was the center of discussion as there was the presence of some exquisite panellists in front of a good audience. Mr. Aayush Shrestha, Full Stack Developer and UX Engineer at Keela, first gave a keynote presentation on “Design and UX” itself and the second session involved a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Aditya Sapkota, Operations Incharge at Technovative Solutions which included Mr. Amit Bajracharya, Co-Founder of Namaste Kathmandu, Mr. Mani Kapali, Co-Founder of Stupa Technology and Mr. Aayush Shrestha.


2018/04/21 - 2018/04/22

New Summit College

Pre-Event IV –Future of web with WordPress

With Utsav Singh Rathour, Surendra Shrestha, Biplav Subedi and Suvash Khadka

The 4th pre-event was held at New Summit College, Shantinagar, New Baneshwor. The event was held for two days on the title”Future of web with WordPress”. The first day was all about presentation and discussions that mainly focused on the future of web with the popular and widely used platform. At first, a keynote presentation was given by Mr. Suvash Khadka, WordPress Enthusiast at WordPress Nepal before the event moved towards a panel discussion involving Senior Theme Reviewers and Moderators, Mr. Biplav Subedi and Mr. Utsav Singh Rathour and Certified WordPress Expert and CEO of Rigorous Web, Mr. Surendra Shrestha. The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Madan Panthi, President at SITS Nepal. A workshop on WordPress Theme Development followed the next day, was conducted by Mr. Biplav and Mr. Madan with a good number of participants.


2018-4-28 - 2018-4-29

New Summit College

Pre-Event V-Mobile Development: what’s in it?

With Aayush Shrestha, Roshan Gautam, Abhishek Koirala and Suman Raj Pathak

Another two-day event, with a workshop on Sunday, it was all about Mobile Development and the perks of being a mobile developer. A panel discussion, moderated by the President of SITS Nepal, Mr. Madan Panthi with panelists Mr. Anish Shrestha, Co-Founder/CEO at Fawesome Apps and Mr. Roshan Gautam, Co-Founder at BrainantsTechnology, ensued on the first day. And the event was concluded on Sunday with a workshop conducted by tutors Mr. Abhishek Koirala, Senior Android Developer at SlipTech and Mr. Suman Raj Pathak, Android Developer at SunBi Design Studio.


2018-5-19 - 2018-5-20

New Summit College

Pre-Event VI-Soft Skills for Life & Business and Invention Cycle Workshop

With Sonam Tashi Sherpa, Sushank Shrestha and Bibek Chaudhary

The 6th pre-event of the upcoming mega action, TechTrix 2018, was conducted on 19th May at the good old seminar hall of New Summit College, the attendees have been so familiar with. Having Started with the introduction on Soft Skills Development, the event delved deeper into how it determines one’s success personally as well as professionally. Soft Skill Trainer Mr. Shushank Shrestha and Business Development Manager at Sagarmatha Engineering College, Mr. Sonam Tashi Sherpa were the two speakers for the event and boy did they make it a lively one. The speakers gave their presentations turn by turn, making it the most entertaining pre-event to date all in good serious note. Likewise, following Sunday another workshop “Invention Cycle” was conducted by  Mr. Bibek Chaudhary, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal. 



New Summit College

Pre-Event VII-Career on Game Development 

With Rabin Shilpakar, Bobby Basnet and Ashray Bista

The 7th and final pre-event of TechTrix 2018 was conducted by SITS Nepal on the premises of New Summit College, Shantinagar, Kathmandu. An event especially for game developers, the last outing of TechTrix before the mega event in June 8 and 9, was a no-miss for non game developers as well. Graced by the presence of 3 professional experts, Co-Founder and 3D Supervisor at Arcube Games & Animation, Mr. Rabin Shilpakar, Managing Director at VisualiseVR, Mr. Bobby Basnet and Creative Director at VisualiseVR, Mr. Ashray Bista, the event really lived upto its hype. The event as a whole was divided into two sessions, with Mr. Bobby giving a keynote presentation on AR/VR first followed by a panel discussion including all the guests, moderated by Mr. Aditya Sapkota, Operations Incharge at Technovative Solutions.

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