With tireless support from organizing the team at SITS (Society of Information Technology Students), New Summit College has announced “TechTrix-2018”, a tech-expo featuring a range of different sessions and programs that aspire to bring people associated to the field of technology, working and interacting together in one platform. The expo has been scheduled to be held on May 25-26 (Jestha 15-16), amidst much hype.


“Career in SEO- An interactive look at the world of SEO”



Following this announcement, it has also been declared that a series of pre-events prior to the main event “TechTrix” will be held starting from 24th of March, 2018 at New Summit College premises. These pre-event programs will basically be targeted at young tech-enthusiasts wishing to explore and gain more exposure through network building, participation and project demonstration.

On 24th March, the first pre-event program of “TechTrix” is being held under the title “Career in SEO- An interactive look at the world of SEO”. The organizers expect a huge mass of SEO enthusiasts to attend the panel discussion in order to gain some valuable insights on their potential career choice. The keynote speaker will be Mr Youman Maharjan (BIA at Agile IT Solutions) and he will be joined in the panel discussion by SEO Analyst at VIS Nepal, Mr Prabin Manandhar as well as SEO Expert at Nepal Republic Media, Mr Chet Raj Bhandari.

This event, which invites visitors free of cost has been believed to be an ice-breaker for young minds to indulge in the beautiful world of SEO and content marketing amidst serious market scope. Apart from this, TechTrix will see more than a dozen other similar pre-events focusing on different areas every week.

Pre-Event Details:

Location: New Summit College, Shantinagar

Time: 12:00 PM- 3:00 PM

Registration: Free


For coverage of TechTrix and its happenings, please tune into Technovatives. We’ll keep you updated!