SITS Nepal conducted the 5th pre-event of TechTrix- 2018 this Saturday at New Summit College, Shantinagar, New Baneshwor. Another two-day event, with a workshop on Sunday, it was all about Mobile Development and the perks of being a mobile developer. A panel discussion, moderated by the President of SITS Nepal, Mr. Madan Panthi with panelists Mr. Anish Shrestha, Co-Founder/CEO at Fawesome Apps and Mr. Roshan Gautam, Co-Founder at BrainantsTechnology, ensued on the first day. And the event was concluded on Sunday with a workshop conducted by tutors Mr. Abhishek Koirala, Senior Android Developer at SlipTech and Mr. Suman Raj Pathak, Android Developer at SunBi Design Studio.

Panel Discussion on Mobile Development

Of iOS and Android, where should anyone thinking of building a career in Mobile Development start?” was the first question posed by the moderator Mr. Madan and Mr. Anish came up with a swift response by saying that although there is more demand and money for iOS developers in our country, there are still less developers for the platform. He added that the major reason behind it is that the initial investment is big as one has to buy both the Mac and iPhone for development and testing whereas Android is easy for starting, but still there is no “one correct path” really. When asked about the scope of mobile development, Mr. Roshan said that with people switching from web to mobile and the growing national and international market, mobile development has a huge scope. “UI probably holds a greater importance for mobile than for web” told Mr. Roshan when asked about the panelists approach to UI/UX design on mobile development. The panelists then went on to discuss about Hybrid and Native platforms, with Mr. Roshan saying that React Native is the best if one is trying from JS as it is almost native and the codebase is same. “Written in Dart, Google’ Flutter can be the biggest contender of React Native with the increment in the number of developers using it” was the point made by Mr. Anish on the same topic. As a closing remark, Mr. Anish gave some suggestions to the people just starting out in the field of mobile development by saying that the thing you learn today must be applicable for at least another two years and that starting your own company only after freelancing or job experience can make it a successful one.

Workshop on Android App Development

The workshop conducted on the very next day was attended by at least 20 participants. In the workshop Mr. Abhishek and Mr. Suman taught every participants to build a simple “to-do” app from Android Studio. While building the app, the participants also got to learn how to establish database connection and perform CRUD operations. They were finally able to generate the apk and publish the app.

It was a fruitful couple of days for everyone present in the event. Beginners were specially able to learn new and exciting things in the field of mobile development. Several topics in iOS, Android and React Native were covered with the panelists also sharing their own experiences and suggestions to the audience. The workshop also helped students learn the basics of Android App Development. SITS Nepal promises to return next week with another great event covering the topic of “Business”. Stay tuned with Technovatives, the digital partner for ‘TechTrix’ for more details.